NVACC Booklets

The Booklets below are offered free of charge for personal use by NVACC.  Member clubs are encouraged to use these references for developing their own workshops, field trips and seminars.

During the period 1998-2008, as part of our effort to promote communication and cooperation among area camera clubs, NVACC founders developed a series of booklets to capture the considerable expertise of the many accomplished photographers in Northern Virginia and to share it with others. For years, printed copies of these booklets were made available through member clubs for a small fee that covered the cost of reproduction. Now, however, the booklets are available here. Individuals are invited to download one machine-readable copy and one print copy for personal, noncommercial use. Written permission from NVACC is required for any other use.

In recent years, photography has seen significant change as an art form and there has been an explosion of technical advances in both photographic media and tools for example, digital and film as well as cameras, lenses, computers, and software). For that reason, the detail of some of these booklets may seem “dated”. However, the ideas and techniques presented transcend both “progress” and the digital-film divide. We remain committed to sharing artistic and technical know-how. Thus new booklets as well as revisions to the existing ones that incorporate new technology and ideas will appear here. If you have questions, suggestions, or comments concerning our booklets, please contact us at JoeMiller@NVACC.org.

  1. Workshops Guide Book, 10 pages – Joseph Miller
  2. Building Blocks of Visual Design 1998, 11 pages – Joseph Miller
  3. Some Important Principles of Composition 1998, 12 pages – Dave Carter
  4. Getting the Most From Your Camera Club 1998, 10 pages – Dave Carter, Joseph Miller & Ed Funk
  5. Selecting 35mm Camera Equipment 1998, 12 pages – Joseph Miller & Dave Carter
  6. Some Thoughts on Portraiture 1998, 7 pages – James D. Steele
  7. How to Stop Making Good Prints and Start Making Great Prints 1998, 9 pages – James D. Steele
  8. Photographing Wildflowers and Other Small Subjects 1998, 12 pages – Dave Carter
  9. Black Light Photography 1998, 10 pages – Gordie Corbin & Judy Switt
  10. How to Judge Judging 1998, 7 pages – Joseph Miller
  11. Surviving Photographic Competitions 1999, 16 pages – Mollie B. Isaacs & Pat A. Hansen
  12. Night Photography 1999, 8 pages – Gary Silverstein & Dave Carter
  13. Multiple Exposure Photography 1999, 8 pages – Ed Funk
  14. How to Improve Picture Sharpness 1999, 13 pages – Andy Klein
  15. The Art of Infrared Photography (Revised in 2005 to include film and digital capture) 17 pages, Illustrated – Carla Steckley
  16. Tips for Better Photography 1999, 15 pages – Joseph Miller & Dave Carter
  17. Breaking the Rules 1999, 8 pages – Joseph Miller & Dave Carter
  18. Planning for Travel Photography 1999, 7 pages – Joseph Miller & Dave Carter
  19. Special Effects Photography 1999, 13 pages – Dave Carter & Joseph Miller
  20. Photographing Insects 1999, 10 pages – Fred Siskind
  21. Composition and Visual Design 1999, 31 pages, Illustrated – Joseph Miller & Dave Carter
  22. Polaroid Transfer Process 2000, 11 pages – Zanne Tillman
  23. Macro Photography 2005, 9 pages – Joseph Miller & Amie Tannenbaum
  24. Abstract Photography 2006, 5 pages – Joseph Miller
  25. Photography As Art 2007, 13 pages – Joseph Miller
  26. Field Trips Guide Book for Photographers 2008, 135 pages – Dave Carter & Ed Funk

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